Corporate Solutions

Corporate Solutions


Are you a training manager who is responsible for training your organization’s employees for their securities exams? Training Consultants wants to help you increase your return on investment by enrolling your trainees in our Online Course.

We work hard to produce accurate content. We deliver that content through a training platform that increases comprehension and retention. We give you, the manager, actionable data to hold your trainees accountable. And finally, we support you with an account management team to make your job easier.

Give us a call today at 1-877-352-2510 to speak to our Corporate Solutions team.



CONTENT is king. It goes without saying that superior pass-rates can only be achieved with superior content. Our comprehensive, exam-focused materials and instruction produce such pass-rates.

But experience has taught us that as important as content is, it is just the beginning. Content provides the potential for success. To learn the material and pass the exam, more is needed...



Delivery is vital to maximizing content comprehension and retention. Our solution is an online, on-demand training platform that delivers consistent training to users anywhere in their local time zone, 24/7/365.

The online learning environment is like personal tutoring led by expert instructors and the content can be repeated as many times as needed, unlike a live class or webcast.



Consistent delivery provides a sound base for success. But by adding ACCOUNTABILITY the performance of every trainee is increased.

We all know that what gets measured gets done. Our solution equips managers with powerful reports and actionable data that details progress by each study item, activity by day, exam breakdowns, and much more. We give you all the data you want, not just your trainee’s latest exam score.



Support is about giving you and your trainees the service you deserve. No more waiting for a call to be returned or for an order to be processed. We have a service guarantee.

  • Quick online and toll-free phone support for every trainee.
  • Guaranteed 1-business day turnaround for all orders.
  • Your own dedicated account manager to help with everything from taking orders and setting up study plans to everyday coaching questions.

We learned the keys to success by listening to training managers like you. With our solution, you get a training program that boosts performance and dramatically reduces costs. Implementing this system has resulted in documented savings of millions of dollars for our clients.

Call our corporate solutions team today to learn more about how these tools will benefit your organization!

Training Consultants. We hold the key... to unlocking success for you and your trainees.


Private Live Classes

Private classes are available. To determine if this is a good option for your firm, please call us at 1-800-339-3445.


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From starting your studies to passing the exam, it is our goal to provide the best material and delivery possible. No one supports you like Training Consultants!
I PASSED WITH A 72% ! If it were not for the online exam software, I wouldn't have done it. It made all the difference. I will recommend this to everyone I know!! See you for the 66! :-)
I just wanted to say thank you for your amazing material!!! I passed my Series 66 tonight with an 87!!!!! I failed the exam on a few occasions with another vendor and no doubt your material made the difference.
Thank you. I had been twice through another vendor’s program. A fellow employee recommended your class and I was ready to try anything. I took the test on Saturday, and I "Passed."
Hi Tina, I passed my Series 7 exam yesterday with 94%.
I wanted to thank Training Consultants for assisting me in passing my Series 7 as I used two other training materials and this was by far the best!
Before your class, I was having difficulty in not getting confused so all of your hints are VERY important (I kept hearing your voice in my head). On to the Series 66!
Tina's lectures made it easy to understand the materials in the books. If I am ever asked to recommend a study program for any "series" type of licensing, I would recommend none other than Training Consultants
I wanted to let you know that I passed with 81!!!! Words cannot explain how relieved and happy I feel to put this behind me. Thank you, thank you, and thank you!
The options chapters turned out to be my favorite chapters (and I received 86-90% score on that section) and if you would have asked me before your study program I would have told you I was afraid of options!
I received an 87! I didn't want to just pass. I really wanted to do well. The material was excellent! I felt entirely prepared. And quite honestly, I'm amazed at how similar the exam was to the practice material
Tina has devised the simplest method for options calculations, and her “home base chart” relieves any anxiety going into the test, because you are confident that the calculations are going to be correct.
Thank you Tina I got an 84 on my exam yesterday. I have never been so sure and comfortable about my answers on a big exam like this.
I did receive the promotion I was expecting. Your class and the study materials helped more than you can imagine.