Frequently Asked Questions

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How long does it take to get my order?

Packages are shipped via UPS Ground from Southern California so it depends where the student is located. In Southern California, the packages usually arrive the next business day. Packages shipped across the country are usually quoted 3 to 5 business days. Saturday is not a business day and packages will not be delivered unless students have paid for the Saturday Delivery Option.

Can I repeat a class? I already have another vendor’s book can I come to class without buying your book?

No, our class price includes our books. We write our own material and you are not allowed to use any other vendor’s material in our classes because the quality of information is not comparable. Also, we suggest that students stop reading any other material if they order our material or will be attending our class.

How do I open my window and schedule my exam date?

You must complete either a U-4 Form with your firm or register online with FINRA before you can schedule an exam.

What hotels are in the area?

You can view our hotel list.

Can your online programs be used on a Mac?

Yes, the online programs can be utilized from any computer that has internet access.

Can I sign in to the online class anytime?

Yes! You are given a user id and password and can access your program any time of the day.

Can I repeat the lectures and exams in my online course multiple times?

You can repeat all lectures and exams. There is no limit.

What is your return policy? Is the book the same for the online and live class?

The manual is the same for both classes.

How long is my online course registration good for?

Your Online Course registration is active for the lesser of 180 days or until you pass your exam. Your Online ExamCenter registration is active for the lesser of 90 days or until you pass your exam. Click here to read the full User Agreement.

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